Jet 727200K Scroll Saw With Stand

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Jerry O'Rourke
Product Review By, Jerry O'Rourke.


Not many will work with a scroll saw on a daily basis, but those that do, know they need a reliable, well manufactured, powerful and precise machine that incorporates all the features and functionality you’d expect from spending anywhere from $400 upwards.

When working with intricate designs and varies materials, you’ll need a scroll saw you can rely on.

In the Jet Scroll Saw we have a machine that’s meets all those above criteria and more. Consistently rated 5 stars across the board and priced accordingly. The Jet 18″ Scroll Saw beats many of it’s competitors hands down.

Jet Scroll Saw

727200K With Stand
Reviewers Top Pick!
  • 18” throat capacity
  • 120 volts
  • 156 watts
Reviewers Pick
Image of jet scroll saw

Product Review

If you’re after a top rated scroll saw, then look no further than the Jet 18″ Scroll Saw. Combining innovation, excellent features and thought out design, the Jet Scroll Saw leads the way for many.

Jet Scroll Saw – Intricate, Powerful Design

The Jet JWSS-18 Scroll Saw comes with a slotted table for an easy blade change process. Excellent upper mechanism clamps enables a blade change in one quick and easy step. In addition to the innovative upper mechanism, is the tool-less lower blade holder which is removable and features a slot for the blade.

With an 18 inch throat capacity and a tilting arm that is adjustable both 45 degrees right and 30 degrees right. The Jet Scroll Saw is designed to enhance and optimize your scroll saw experience.

Featuring a variable speed range, to a spring loaded arm and top lift, the Jet Scroll Saw comes fully equipped with all the specifications and features you’d expect from an industry leader.

Features & Specifications

  • Weight75.5 lbs
  • Height48″
  • Length33″
  • Width25.5″
  • Power SourceCorded


Scroll saws can be thought of as expensive and rewarding hobby that when mastered can produce the finest of finishes and are generally for anyone that has mastered the intricacies, inner workings, and skills to design intricate signs, logos, and other various patterns using a host of materials from wood, plastic, metal and more.

With this in mind, the Jet 18″ Scroll Saw is the perfect machine for the perfectionist among us. Although on the more expensive side, the Jet Scroll Saw has everything you’ll ever need and more. Remember, buy right the first time, buy once!


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