IRWIN Tools 24-inch ProTouch Fine Cut Saw

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Jerry O'Rourke
Product Review By, Jerry O'Rourke.


It may not have all the bells and whistles like a circular saw or miter saw, but is there anything more useful and durable than the trusty old handsaw?

You would think in an age of power tools they’d be no place for a tool such as the IRWIN handsaw, but you would be wrong, this simple and effective hand tool is a staple in most builders and DIY enthusiasts tool box and long may it continue.


Tools MARATHON 2011202 24-inch ProTouch Fine Cut Saw
Reviewers Top Pick!
  • M2 advanced tooth geometry
  • Tri-Ground teeth
  • Tapered-Pitch nose
Reviewers Pick
Image of irwin handsaw

Product Review

IRWIN is one of the most well-known brands in the tool industry. They do everything from power tools to hand tools as well as a host of accessories and have been in operation since their inception in 1885 by Charles Irwin. From the budget friendly reasonably priced items to the more professional premium tools, IRWIN caters to most peoples needs, and do it well.

A Look at the IRWIN Handsaw

In the IRWIN tools marathon 20011202 24-inch pro touch fine cut saw, IRWIN have made a solid, efficient, practical, and highly rated handsaw.

The quality really shines through in the IRWIN handsaw. First we have the metal steel body at 24 inches. With its M2 advanced tooth geometry and Tri-Ground teeth, you should have no problem cutting through the most stubborn materials.

The integrated deep gullets have no problem removing any excess wood chips, and the ProTouch rubberized hardwood handle with its ergonomic design makes for a comfortable and sturdy grip.

The 1mm blade delivers perfect control and rigidity, whilst the tapered pitched nose improves both clearance and stability.

Features & Specifications

  • Weight1.4 lbs
  • MaterialSteel
  • Length24″
  • Teeth 8″
  • HandleRubberized Grip


The IRWIN handsaw is a fantastic tool at an excellent price. Without the flashy gimmicks, this saw does exactly what it says on the tin. Consistently rated 5 stars and made from durable materials, if looked after properly the IRWIN handsaw should last you a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not groundbreaking by any means, but what it does do, it does well. There’s many different handsaws on the market today and the IRWIN 24 inch handsaw is up there with the best of them.


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